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Oh yeah, shed get a big kick out of this moment today.
Not to mention she was incorrect in her assessment of what it would take to bring an end to racism.Attorney General, eric Holder looks a hell of lot like.Like Share us.Racism will survive and thrive so long as idiots of this mental persuasion are allowed to speak publicly without getting their facts straight and verified.Winfrey pointed to Republican Congressman Joe Wilson yelling liar during a 2009 speech Obama was giving coupon deals for this week to Congress.Will largely recede after the last generation of individuals have died off.The first step in abolishing racism is for someone to make a super-sized stfu sandwich for her and those like her, white, black, yellow, brown etc.There were shouts of Tell it!
See if you can tell whos who.
What do Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder, Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey have in common?A little fun fact : Stedman founded an international marketing, advertising and media public relations consulting firm with conservative columnist and pundit.Although she didnt come right out and point fingers at the entire Caucasian race, she sure as hell didnt include any of her race baiting political peers either.Im not cute or built to suit a fashion models size, the crowd, which could barely hear her, roared.When the talk show queen turned media mogul recited the lines, Pretty women wonder where my secret lies.Oprah s longtime beau, stedman Graham.After recounting how much she missed Angelou the waves of sadness coming at the most unexpected times Winfrey made sure to impress how important the day was.Specifically, she said that cultural prejudice in the.S.