fishing contest runescape wiki

Go back to White Wolf Mountain and cross over to Taverley ; then, make your way south to Falador.
He won this competition four harbor freight promo code years in a row!
Same as before Player: hgtv sweepstakes sign up So you like fishing?
Big Dave dont like to lose!Player: I snickers super bowl sweepstakes 2016 caught some fish!Edit Hemenster Bound Edit Player: What are you sitting around here for?The gate on the southern side is locked.So any hints on how to fish?Why should I help you?Player: No thanks, I'll just watch the fun.Post-Quest Dialogue Edit Austri/Vestri Edit Austri/Vestri: Welcome, oh great Fishing Champion!You'll need a rod and bait.
I'm too old for that lark now though.
Same as elsewhere Player: If you get thirsty you should drink something.I think I can get those in Catherby.Big Dave: Why would I help you?Your fishing competition spot is by the willow tree.Player: If you were my friend I wouldn't mind.