florida weekly writing contest

(If you're submitting more than one entry, it probably will save you money to join at least at the Basic level plus, you get all that information for a full year!) (Membership information).
Entry FEE (check one and enclose fee with entry and entry form (Membership number if entering as a current Writers-Editors Network WEN member includes ffwa: / / 5, I am a current WEN/ffwa member or am joining at this time (dues enclosed and entry.
Prize: 5000, deadline october 1, 2014: Alligator Juniper, fiction Contest, prize: 1000.
The writers can have had february 1: ruminate nonfiction prize, 500 Ruminate is thrilled to announce our first annual Ruminate Nonfiction Prize.Do not submit complete book one book chapter per entry only.Poetry: Fresh concept, cadence or rhythmic beat, sound echoes, any other device (such as figurative language) that appeals to the imagination or engages the reader's senses; and for traditional verse, adherence to form.These tactics are always used by a few in each contest and they dont work.For traditional poems, specify the form, such as Sonnet, Villanelle, Sestina, or Renga.Deadline october 1, 2014: American Literary Review, literary Awards - Short Story, prize: 1000.Card # expiration date.Use your PayPal account to send your entry fee(s) to as explained below.
I'll never forget the thrill of excitement I felt when they contacted me with the news that I was one of six hundred writers invited to submit an entire novel manuscript.OR Have several poems to enter?If so, you may post the details here.Tightness, clarity, structure, strength of lead/beginning, transitions, impact, satisfactory close.One check may be written to cover multiple entries if all are mailed in same package (but enclose separate entry forms for each entry).Now that was original!