give me love take it all away lyrics

Im trying to personalised gift certificate ideas redefine the culture, and a bigger soul.
Niggas jealous and never tell it until they stare.
Make a nigga wanna get the piece to get to peace.I'm trying to redefine the culture, and renovate the soul.As you reaching your goals, you gonn meet you some folds.You gonn need more than Wikipedia to get.Wale, Sam Dew, buy This Song, request A License, shout out.And home energy rebate offer fortis it's rare when I'm anywhere with too many heads.When I was on my way up, why you ain't see the stairs?
Then give money away definition they love you again, hate you then they love you.
PG to Mo County bet they all know about.Make a nigga wanna get the piece to get the peace.From the city that made me love you forever for.It's just us, baby This ain't right, this is life This a love hate thing whats up Give me love, baby Not enough, not enough, just a touch, baby What the fuck, baby?Listen when you get the keys it's seldom, you don't get the beef.