give money away definition

He gave over half win a trip to new york south africa of his personal fortune away before he died.
I weigh sixty-five kilos, give g stage online coupon codes or take a little ( approximately sixty-five kilos).The fire gave out a lot of heat.To cause or allow (information etc ) to become known usually accidentally."Organizations seeking to ensure that decision makers consider the long-term impact of their decisions should consider highlighting that those with decision-making authority have the power to shape not only their own current performance, but also the performance and outcomes of the generations to come.Times, Sunday Times (2007)The traders have taken to heckling him and his security men have warned him to stay away.To give etc (something) to someone ( eg because one no longer wants it).
Just when the subjects thought their job was over, they were presented with an opportunity to enter a lottery as a reward and donate their winnings to a food charity program in two ways: they could either give away their money to feed the poor.
( with to ) in the habit of (doing) something.To stop using etc.The soldiers were outnumbered and gave in to the enemy.But the richest man in the world says he has no use for money beyond a certain point.In the first experiment, 222 participants were randomly assigned high-power and low-power status with the help of a writing task.To devote (time etc ) to doing something.( often with as or for ) to consider (a person, thing etc ).