how to get windows 7 for free

So if your PC originally came with Windows 8/8.1/10 Pro, you can replace the cheapest nike clothes installed verizon army discount operating system with Windows 7 Professional at no cost.
Keep in mind that since Windows has released Windows 8, the free Windows 7 upgrade option may have expired.An internet connection (internet service provider fees may apply).For a full list of available packages, see this chart.3, contact the people you bought the computer from.If you just want cheap access to Windows 7, you have better options.Many are too old to recommend except for diehard bargain hunters, but if you know what you're looking for you can find perfectly good hardware that costs less than you'd pay for a retail copy of the Windows 7 version it includes.Check the locations for, microsoft's training seminars.You will need a valid educational email address and information about your schooling.If your school has not started a program, check out.
However, the license agreement with those copies explicitly prohibits you from using that software on a PC you build or refurbish for your own personal use.
It includes server software and development tools but does not include Windows client software.) To check your eligibility through these programs, register here door giveaway copypasta using a school-issued email address or a code supplied by an academic institution.
Note that OEM copies of Windows 7 that were installed on PCs by the manufacturer are locked to that device and cannot be transferred.2, find your serial number and purchasing information.Enter product key, your license key must contain 25 letters and numbers and no special characters.Then use the same media to "upgrade" your brand-new installation.3, attend the seminar.