how to run a contest on facebook page

Its the least you could do after I made it all possible.
Custom Form Fields, add customizable Forms with checkboxes, multiple-choice questions, dropdown menus, File Upload fields and more.
Its not always that high, but it can happen!Nobody has the time to know the laws about promotions and competitions in every damn country in the world, so Im giving you the right to forgo any arduous research into any of it beyond your own country, unless you work for a multinational company.The same goes for any video entries.Most people dont read text or instructions on the web.Dont make it too hard.Shortstack in fact in the interests of cross-promotion I have written an article in the past about creating Facebook tabs using a tool like this.If you want them to like your page to enter, tell them so, if they need to click to enter, show them where, if filling a form is required to enter, let them know that, window movie maker for windows 7 free download software and use visuals as much as possible.There are many alternatives, the best being a mix of the entries with the most votes, a jury selection and a random draw.Make sure the app vendor you choose offers mobile access to your contest, the standard link to your campaign tab will not work.If there is one type of media smarthome store coupon code that fits into the high sharing and fast moving media category in an age of social networks, it is photos.Eventually, this kind of activity will drag your EdgeRank score down, thus fewer of your true fans will see your content.
However, the online landscape has also changed a great deal.Cooper River Bridge Run Cooper River Bridge Run Site 14869.Most important : How will the competition actually run on Facebook?They will actively promote their entries to their friends, consequently promoting your campaign and your brand for you!Typically youre meant to have some sort of Facebook Privacy policy hosted online somewhere, that indicates to people what you will be doing with their private data once you collect it through your competition application.