is powerball giving away a million dollars online

There is no way to win a lottery prize if you havent bought a ticket at a Nebraska Lottery retailer, Nebraska Lottery officials said in a statement Wednesday.
Run a virus scanner just to make sure theres no malicious software on there and then change any of your passwords and make sure theyre good password different passwords for all the different accounts you have, Drake said.
"Share this photo and I will give a random person 1 million dollars!".The headline reads, powerball is giving free 1 Million Jackpot Online Instantly and uses the PowerBall logo (Mega Millions has also been used).Lottery Winnings (Photo: Stephen Vanhorn connect, question: Is an email saying "Im a 2 million dollar grant winner from the Julie Leach Foundation a real 2015 lottery winner, real?Before distributing the money, the scammers say they need your name, address, cell number, passport or drivers license, etc.SEE also: How to Stop the Next Viral Facebook Outbreak.Is there another story you'd like us to verify?
Daniels doesn't share his location with non-friends.
Everybody likes free moneyand this is not as straight forward as hey Ive got five-thousand dollars for you and Id like to send it to you, FBI Cyber Specialist Matthew Drake said. .
Do you know someone else we should interview for this story?Now, Facebook isn't exactly short of falsehoods and misguided re-posting, as you may have noticed earlier this week when a "copyright notice" went viral.Check the comments on the picture, however, and you'll see a number of Daniels' friends posting increasingly nervous notes as the share count climbs higher and higher.(kmtv) - If you see an online post about winning 1 million instantly from the lottery, dont click the link.You then want to contact any of your credit card companies, have them issue you new cardsany other accounts that you think might be compromised reach out to those vendors and make sure theyre aware of whats happening.But it is not real.Raise your little pinky, do your best.Verify called Julie Leach to see if she knew her name was exploited for this scam.Evil voice, and say it with me now: one meeeellion dollars.