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Microsoft Office training courses.
Software Assurance training vouchers can only be used for eligible courses.
Create and Assign a SA training voucher to an employee within the customers organization.Or you can contact NetCom for assistance.If the course length is the same, they both require the same number of voucher days.Note: Before creating a training voucher, review the.Microsoft is the pioneer in software operating systems - thus acquiring, microsoft Certification, known as the.From your Benefit Summary page, click.You receive a number of Training Days based on the number of qualifying Office and/or Windows licenses covered with Software Assurance.
Training vouchers entitle you to receive courses from Microsoft Learning Partners worldwide for a specific number of training days.Qualifying organizations that have Software Assurance receive training days from Microsoft.Learning Solutions partner supportMAX can help create an optimal training strategy for your organization and help you plan the most effective way to use training vouchers.If you are interested, we would like to discuss your immediate training needs and how you can use your training vouchers in place of cash to provide professional training to your IT professionals.More information is available on the.If the designated employee does not use a voucher within 180 days, the voucher is automatically revoked and the training days are returned to the company pool of days for use by others.Courses at the basic levels provide an understanding of how to navigate Windows, use the Start menu, Windows system settings and customisation.The process is the same for MOC On-Demand as it is for Digital MOC courses.