online bank management contest

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Along the way we bring in some challenges.
The technologies that we use in our programs are: - Business - simulation - Business - cases - Business - games talentkapital has experience in working and delivering educational programs on Ukrainian, Moldavian, Romanian, Russian and Lithuanian market.About organizers Simarch.Set-up of the Online Bank Management Contest per region.if more ashford castle promotional code than 2 teams will participate from one bank discounts of 15 and 20 will be offered An invoice will be sent upon receipt of a completed registration form.SimArch NV, -, : [email protected] :, :, : 6 : :, ING, Dexia, csob :, Dexia, 2010.- : 2011.To find out more about the profile of who can join click here.During each financial quarter teams are required to make optimal decisions for their bank taking the economic situation, competition and central bank releases into account.Each bank can register a maximum of three teams per region.About organizers Simarch talentkapital.
We are an international full-service provider of education within the Financial Services Sector.
What makes this obmc so unique is the use of our Online Simulation simulation is set up in a virtual banking environment with economic indicators, regulations, monetary policies, industry and competition.Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips.Global finals live in, new York.Americas : 15 -, from the 29th to the 31st of August the winning teams from all four regions will join each other live in New York for the.Presentation of obmc Online Bank Management Contest.This is required due to the complexity of the simulation.The winning team will be invited to partake in the.The facilitator will be supported by a team that will answer queries and assist where necessary in order for all decisions to be processed correctly.