perforated raffle tickets template

When presented with the people stylewatch sweepstakes list, select the Ticket numbers.
If you price your tickets at 1 each, expect each buyer to promo code the limited purchase from one to five tickets.
Besides being easy to award the prize, it also eliminates the hassle of securing merchandise.
Most tickets will have two number placeholders because one part of the ticket is for the raffle host (you) and the other is for the purchaser.Youre raising funds for a cause that youre passionate about, so let that shine through.The lower the price of each ticket, the more tickets youll sell.LIkewise, a template with musical notes on it fits in well for a band-related fundraiser.All of our raffle ticket stock is perforated between ticket portions and tear off stubs at the standard rate of 12 tpi (i.e., teeth per inch).Standard Raffle Ticket Paper, raffle tickets are available in virtually any type of paper, however, our standard, off-the-shelf paper of choice for blank raffle ticket stock is 67 lb Vellum Bristol card stock (for pastel colors) and 65 lb Opaque (for bright colors such.Youll still need to make some changes before you can create your own tickets.Reserved Theater seating (Sections, Rows and Seat Numbers).Once your tickets are printed, then comes the task of cutting and perforating the tickets so that you can easily tear the ticket from the stub.To fix this, use the autofill feature which is explained next.Theyre generally willing to do that because they understand the goodwill that is generated from their contribution efforts.
Other tips to help you sell include perfecting your sales pitch: Explain what your fundraiser is for without going into too much detail.
You can use them as they are or modify them as desired.Theres a small icon in the bottom right corner that reads Auto-Fill Options.If you have a computer and a printer at home, theres no need to get them printed at a print shop.As low.99.99, multiple options available, as low.99.99.Xlsx file you made earlier.If youre not sure how to go about the mail-merge, the directions are above in the Template Design File section.Enter the first ticket number in cell.