power rebate tauranga

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The cheque is made out to joint names but we don't have a joint bank account.Return the stale cheque to tect for reissuing (PO Box 356, Tauranga / The HUB, 525 Cameron Rd, Tauranga include your current address details. .We encourage you to contact Trustpower on and change the Trustpower account into your name to ensure future correspondence and distribution cheques from tect appear in the correct name.Yes - forward your cheque with the remittance slip on your Trustpower account to Trustpower (Private Bag 12023, Tauranga Mail Centre 3143).We have received two cheques, sea life promo code is this right?Clearly indicate on envelope tect Projects when returning cheque.The Electricity Authority promotes competition in the electricity market for the long term benefit of consumers.My name or address is incorrect on the cheque.The Authority runs an easy online calculator for consumers to check if they could find a better power deal.You have 2 options: Use it to pay or part-pay your Trustpower account by forwarding the cheque with the remittance slip on your account to Trustpower (Private Bag 12023, Tauranga Mail Centre 3143).Return the cheque and letter to tect (PO Box 356, Tauranga / The Hub, 525 Cameron Rd, Tauranga) with instructions to reissue the cheque in the name of the surviving spouse or beneficiaries.
I still have a cheque from previous year which is now stale - what do I do?
The ICP number for each power connection or property is printed on the letter that the cheque was attached to - use this to match it to the ICP number on your Trustpower bills.Who is eligible for a tect cheque?We recommend you talk to a local electrician or your local electrical outlet to help you choose the best product or combination of products for you.We will put a stop payment on the cheque and issue you with a new cheque.If you have received more than one cheque this is because you have two Trustpower power accounts.Sometimes the returns will be paid as a cheque and sometimes passed on as credits on your bill from the retailer.Consumers How do I switch electricity companies.