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RubiStar RubiStar is a free tool to help teachers create quality rubrics.OttoBib, automatically create MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabian citations by entering in the books isbn.EasyBib is a student favorite.EBooks and Audio Books.Free worksheets, file folder games, graphic organizers and more are available at this site.If youre planning on using Urban Dictionary to look something up during class, make sure you check it before you show it to your students.Check out their lesson plans, primary sources, study guides and more.These podcasts feature both new teachers questions as well as interviews and information that teachers may find helpful.Browse through the listing here and click on several articles addressing issues important to a new teacher.Luminarium: Anthology of English Literature This website provides information about the life, works and analysis of Medieval, Renaissance, 17th century and Restoration authors like Chaucer, Shakespeare and Milton.This forum is specifically for first how to be a contestant on price is right live and second year teachers.
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The Complete Works of William Shakespeare MITs complete online collection of Shakespeares many works.Often times its a lot faster than whipping out a conventional dictionary because you can simply type the word into the search engine.#3, i think cute is overrated.David Hecker with the, american Federations of Teachers in Michigan says adding more pay steps is almost never a proposal from the union but rather from management so "they can stretch out how long it takes for someone to get to the top of the.New middle school teachers can find help getting started with their first teaching job with the information located here and updated annually.Google Books, with Google Books, you can search and preview millions of books from libraries and publishers around the world.