what does rebate on a car mean

Then, boom - it goes on sale, and you pounce.
Some dealerships may require you to purchase a vehicle through their own financing services for you to receive a rebate offer.
Read the fine print of super shuttle discount code aaa the contract so you know the details before you begin to negotiate.If the offer is for bonus cash, you can use the rebate and apply it to the finance price for a leased vehicle.When a manufacturer offers a cash back rebate on a particular vehicle, it does not mean that the vehicle is of any lower quality or value than the other vehicles the manufacturer produces.Definition, cash back is a rebate that auto manufacturers, not dealerships, provide.If you know how consumer rebates and incentives work, you can also use that information to find the best deal.2012 Chrome Data Solutions,.Though dealerships may often mislead you (on purpose or not you may decide use your rebate in any of the following ways: Keep the rebate.Don't be tricked into applying a rebate to the full price of a vehicle.What Is a Vehicle Rebate?
You were able to get exactly what you wanted (at a discount and the salesperson scored a sale, too.You know the feeling: You've how to run a contest on facebook page got your eye on something you want or need, but it's just a little too expensive.Cash back rebates provide some indication of how well a manufacturer is doing.All specifications, prices and equipment are subject to change without notice.Finding Using Vehicle Rebates Rebates for a particular model of vehicle are most often offered according to region or through a specific dealership.How to Use the Rebate, you can use your cash back rebate on anything you want, and in this way cash back rebates are nice small loans.Car dealers can also get incentives from the manufacturer to help spur sales.Certain specifications, prices and equipment data have been provided under license from Chrome Data Solutions Chrome Data.Use these tips to find rebates and get the best deal once you've found a vehicle you'd like to purchase: Search each manufacturer's website.