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The world is your oyster and you can have a pretty epic adventure!A valid West Virginia id will be required in order to pick up the check. .Contest Execution: Every day in May, wkkw, will announce the One thousand dollar Song of the Day at the following times: Monday thru Sunday at 6:20am, 7:20am and again at 8:20am.Stations are not responsible for problems associated with radio transmission, cellular or wireless phone transmission, phone lines or satellite transmissions. .Thats right, 50 Benjamins for you to spend on your next adventure.Complete rules are posted on line.
Just enter "000000" as your code.
Contestants must answer their phone in order to win. .The contest sponsor may offer special clues that could narrow the time frame in which the song will be played. .If you do not have one that means you have awesome friends!Any attempt by an entrant to tamper with the proper administration of the contest will disqualify the applicant.The key word will change each day.